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June June noted on Google

Super legit Nanchang food - and I grew up in Nanchang city so you can take my word for it! The 拌粉 (cold noodles) + 瓦罐汤(soup) is the classic breakfast combo in Nanchang and it’s about the best I have got anywhere outside the city itself! Me and my high school friends stumbled on this restaurant when we were meeting up in Paris and happily canceled all our other restaurant reservations and came back for 4 meals in our 3 days’ stay in Paris. We were being nostalgic of course but it was really that authentic! The spice level is pretty strong so I recommend you not to go overly ambitious like we did in our first meal.

2 months ago
Marlene noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very good inexpensive food and good portions Very pleasant atmosphere Great plain bubble tea! (Original) Très bons plats peu cher et bonnes portions Ambiance très agréable Excellent bubble tea nature!

3 months ago
Erika Samantha noted on Google

3 months ago
Alex D noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Authentic (Original) Authentique

3 months ago
G. A. B. noted on Google

3 months ago
Julien Hui Li noted on Google

4 months ago
colin desmares noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The skewers !! In Paris there is the Louvre, the Seine and nang Chang (Original) Les brochettes !! À Paris il y a le Louvre, la Seine et nang Chang

4 months ago
LECOZEC Anthony noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The best Chinese restaurant in the world. (Original) Le meilleur restaurant chinois du monde.

4 months ago
Haoran Zhang noted on Google

delicious chinese style

4 months ago
王不掉 noted on Google

(Translated by Google) It can be regarded as one of the earliest Chinese restaurants in Paris. It specializes in Jiangxi Nanchang cuisine, and you can also eat barbecue. The decoration in the early years is also quite a bit, full of memories The takeaway I ordered this time surprised me Nanchang mixed noodles are super enjoyable! Crockpot soup is a Nanchang specialty, and it is not disappointing. It is not very salty, and the ingredients are enough. The shredded kelp is also salty and spicy, crunchy and chewy The cold beef is also very tasty, and I love coriander so much! But to be honest, the portions are really small, and if you have a bigger appetite, four dishes (three dishes and one soup) are not enough to eat The overall rating is four stars. If you like spicy food, you can give it a try. (Original) 算是巴黎很早一批的中餐馆了,主打江西南昌美食,还可以吃烧烤,早年装修也很有点,回忆风拉满 这次叫的外卖,惊艳到我了 南昌拌粉辣呼呼的超级过瘾! 瓦罐汤是南昌特色,也不算让人失望,不会很咸,料也算足。 海带丝也是咸辣口的,脆脆的有嚼劲 凉拌牛肉也很入味儿,香菜我可太爱了! 但说实话,分量真的小,胃口但凡大一点,四个菜(三菜一汤)都不够吃 整体评价四星吧,嗜辣的可以一试

4 months ago

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